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Sheraton Hanoi Hotel Tuyển Dụng Human Resources Trainee Fulltime 2018

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Tọa lạc bên cạnh hồ tự nhiên lớn nhất Hà Nội, Sheraton Hanoi có hướng nhìn bao quát Hồ Tây và Sông Hồng tại tất cả 299 phòng nghỉ của khách sạn. Khám phá nét đặc sắc của ẩm thực địa phương hay những nét mới lạ của ẩm thực đương đại tại một trong 4 nhà hàng của khách sạn.

At Sheraton Hanoi Hotel, we are welcome YOUNG TALENTs like you, who are passionate about hospitality industry and would love to discover what’s like in the real working environment of a hotel and learn about 5-star service standard, to take internship at Sheraton Hanoi Hotel. Hotel that makes an impact that matters, to work with inspiring leaders and talented professionals to deliver outstanding value to our customers in a culture that is inclusive, collaborative and one that provides exceptional career experience.

We offer the opportunity to learn along with the Human Resources team of Sheraton Hanoi Hotel.

You’re welcome to join our team to DESIGN YOUR PROFILE – BE SPECIAL, LEARN &DISCOVER with criteria below:

  • Would like to choose hospitality as future career or experience working in hotel.
  • Good communication skills, both verbal and written in Vietnamese as well as English.
  • Customer oriented.
  • Computational ability.
  • Commitment of at least 3-months internship


Why not send your RESUME via Email: Phuong1.Nguyen@Sheraton.com with subject line:

HR Trainee _ Full Name_CAFEBET

Questions can be asked via number: 024. 3719. 9000 (Ms. Phương HR) or inbox our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/SHHexcitingmoments